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Who are we?

We are a group of senior professionals with many years of experience in the fruits and vegetables sector in senior management positions. We have our own production areas in the Campo de Cartagena. Apart from the production we are dedicated to the commercialization of the same, as well as other products of local farmers associated to our company.

We want to differentiate ourselves by our way of working, which is highly oriented towards providing good customer service and good product quality. All this is the result of teamwork and the values that we cultivate in the company: humility, add Value, empathy, accountability and sense of urgency (now).

The team is very experienced and internationally oriented (we speak different languages and understand your needs).

We have quality certificates that guarantee our good work. We have farms in different production areas that allow us to produce all year around.

Growing Areas

  • Growing area 1
  • Growing area 2
  • Growing area 3
  • Growing area 4
  • Warehouse
  • Office
¿Qué es el Campo de Cartagena?

What is the Campo de Cartagena?

The Campo de Cartagena is a natural region of the Region of Murcia, Spain. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, forming a plain that extends from the Sierra de Carrasco and to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Campo de Cartagena, which brings together more than 400,000 inhabitants in 1855.14 km², has in Cartagena main headquarter representing a pole of tourism, culture, industry and nature, with more than 18,500 hectares.
The specials weather conditions of this area have made it key for growing a wide range of products such as: lettuces, baby leaves, herbs, watermelon, melon, artichoke, pepper, celeries, lemon, orange and many more.

Campo de Cartagena
Campo de cartagena
Campo de cartagena
Campo de cartagena